HOLY ORBS! Beyond the Veil With My Michael

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This is an Amazing Edition of Video’s that I have taken in my home in Verona, WI USA. I have 14 videos with ORBS. Some of the Energy that Michael is creating is Stunning. I’ve never seen anything like this unless there has been some major activity going on…with many Spiritual Beings. This is ALL MICHAEL.

For those of you that don’t know…My Michael passed away unexpectedly August 22, 2016. He was a very strong, stubborn, goofy, intelligent man. All this is coming through by the stories that I am sharing on this blog.

For those who aren’t familiar with what ORBS are….this is a definition that I found on Beliefnet.com “Some people believe that orbs are more than dust particles or drops of moisture on the lens–they are proof of guardian angels, captured on camera.  When these “spirit orbs” or “angel orbs” appear near a single person or a group of people in a photo, it’s a sign that they are blessed with the goodness, positive energy, and protection of angels.  When orbs appear in a particular location, it’s also a sign that angels are hovering nearby and the location is particularly blessed.”

The Orb Videos that I am sharing with you are ALL MICHAEL. I’ve been asked about how I know. All I can say is read my other Blogs about Michael…he is truly unique on how he contacts me. He is much more active, a stronger energy and much more creative than most that are on the Other-side. BTW….as I am writing this both ears are ringing like crazy…another sign he is nearby and that what I am writing is TRUE. (ringing of the ears is another sign of the Other-side contacting you.  Medium’s that have seen these also believe it’s ALL MICHAEL, that he is playing with energy just like we skip stones here on earth. Michael was very playful on earth and is still that way Beyond the Veil.

Heidi and Michael
July 2016

(I am getting ahead of myself with the blogs…but feel these ORBS need to be the next article. I rescued a French Bulldog named Harley on September 15, 2016, to help me in my grief. I had put down my other rescued French Bulldog, Mr. Beefy Beefcake, on June 7, 2016. Between the loss of Michael and Beefy, I really had to get another dog for my sanity.)

My first encounters with the orbs were pure accident. I started to take video of Harley. These first two videos I took within seconds of each other. There are no Orbs in the first, but in the second, there are a couple.

(After this I stopped showing the before and after…because I had so much video. I can go around my house and get absolutely no Orbs…and then 5 minutes later Michael is putting on a show.)

No Orbs…but it does show when Harley was learning to PLAY!

Somehow this next video got cut short and I must have deleted the longer version…but it is the very beginning of me seeing ORBS in the house.

(I have a cover photo on some of the videos because I didn’t realize that I should be taking video in landscape view, instead of portrait. I needed to do this for YouTube Videos to work properly)

This is a funny video of me trying to capture Harley. He ends up jumping up on my lap…but I can see the ORBS behind him. I am talking to myself…in AWE of what I am seeing and I thing I swear once or twice…excuse the language. I tried to be careful in the future videos…LOL!

This is one of my very FAVORITES. I was walking through the house and wasn’t getting anything. Michael told me to go to the bedroom…and I got him with Harley! The different size ORBS are AMAZING….never seen anything like it!

This was one of our Halloween decorations that I always loved. We had it at the top of the stairs in Michael’s Master Bedroom.I didn’t know where to put it in my house…but he told me to just plug it in. That is what I did and this is what I got….Crazy Ass ORBS!!!

 This video was taken as I was preparing for the Full Moon Ritual I decided to record my table, my altar that I have in honor of my Michael….Check out the major ORB activity. There is a plant to the left on the floor by the table.
This one shows a lot of ORB activity around my house. It shows Harley in it and obviously he is affected by Michael’s energy. Overall though, Harley isn’t affected. He is typically sleeping when I am filming. He rarely participates with the energy.

With this video, I purposely took video of Harley wide awake and the Orbs/Energy not affecting him. He laid right down after this and went to sleep! This ORB show happened when I came home from a great night out with the girls It’s sooooo CRAZY. I absolutely love that my Michael is connecting with me so much and that I can share all of this…

More Orbs in my Living Room….

The recliner was Michael’s favorite chair at my house. The orbs look like they are coming out of the back of the chair. This happens nightly if I take video of the back of the chair. This is one of the better one’s.

THIS IS JUST AMAZINGLY-CRAZY…Absolutely no fully formed Orbs…BUT….CRAZY ENERGY MOVING…like MIST! I saw some of this in my previous video’s, but the ORBS were always there too. Knowing how much Michael enjoyed having fun and learning….I know he’s coming up with ALL kinds of Tricks to share with me. I also  tried to find something similar online…with no luck. I do know it’s my Michael, my house is very well protected from anything negative entering.

Just more of the crazy nightly ORB Show that Michael gives me each night…I so love it!

Crazy-Ass ORBS again….this was actually November 23, 3 months to the date since Michael was found….I originally took video without his shirt on his favorite chair….barely any orbs….I put his shirt on his chair….the shirt he wore the day before he passed and HOLY ORBS! Just Amazing what he does….I love and miss you my silly man cub

More of the ORB show going on in my Living Room!

Holy Orbs Show last night…I went around the house with the video camera on….very little activity….I was about to turn it off…as you can see in the beginning, not much activity….WHEN WOW!!!… MICHAEL…you really showed up!!! My heart really filled up with your love…even laughed out loud at the Fun…Amazing Show you put on!! Thank you!!! I love and miss you baby…so love how you are always nearby 💜💜

I’ve been asked if I see the ORBS…no I do not. I always see energy move, vibrations, Angel lights etc. But what you see in the videos, I don’t actually see with my eyes. I am using a camera phone video. This is the 2nd phone…so I don’t see a particular kind that matters. It has turned into a nightly routine for me to go around my house and take video. I only see the ORBS with the Video. Honestly I haven’t tried a still shot because the moving ORBS are so DAMN COOL!!! I have taken A LOT of video….I’ve tried to share some of the best footage with you. There are definitely times I get none or very few ORBS. I just keep trying…talking to Michael and asking for a BIG SHOW! It’s something I will always do. It’s a wonderful way for me to tell Michael I love him. I know he Loves Me….and I tell him Good Night.

In my Blog Posts I am giving you a lot of ways that Michael has come through. Please know that your loved one’s are nearby too. They want you to talk to them, they want to help you with your life. You just have to open your eyes…pay attention and give Thanks to the God, the Universe, the Divine…whatever name you want to call it. We live in a very Magical Universe. Watch…listen…pay attention to the signs!

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I invite you to share your stories about Michael….you can either send them to me to publish, or write them in the comments. He’s a POWERFUL ENERGY….just talk to him…invite him to connect with you.

Much love and Many Blessings to You and Your Family…

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Beyond the Veil: With My Michael: Part 2


Hindsight is always 20/20. Looking back, Michael definitely knew something was going on with him. He said and did things that I know at least on a subconscious level he realized something was up. Now that I know…would I have done things differently? Yes. I would definitely gotten him into the ER…but I also know he should have passed with the car accident. Archangel Michael saved him that day. We were blessed to have had him another 537 days. It was his time to go…and I know this.

With the accident in March 4th 2015, his body was never the same. He would complain to me that he felt like it was getting worse instead of better. He was very frustrated with his body. I know he was concerned how he would manage with it the older he got. He pushed his body to limits that he never should have…but once he was determined there was no stopping him. He would do what he wanted to do…whether his body allowed him to or not.

About 3 weeks prior to his passing we were at a Benefit, sitting around talking with friends. I didn’t hear the entire discussion…I found out later he was discussing heart disease in his family. What I heard was that he wouldn’t live past 60 years old. I looked at him and said no way…we are going to have another 20 to 30 years together. Michael died Aug 22 at age 56…Our Birthday’s were Aug 25th.


Two weeks prior to his passing we went to MN for my family reunion. His son, Dorian, came with us. They had never met my sister and her family from Arizona. We decided to meet them in Minneapolis, take Dorian to Mall of America for the first time, and spend the night. In the morning we were all eating breakfast at the hotel. Dorian was very curious about the Paranormal activity that goes on in Jerome, AZ…where they own 3 shops. (Jerome was once a booming mining town and the New York times called it the Wickedest Town in the West….lots of mayhem going on!) As Dorian was hearing all these different stories they had to tell…Mike said, “Dorian, when I pass away, I am going to come scare you!” …remember this statement…because I will come back to it.

During the week or so prior to his passing, he complained about a tightness in his chest several times. He was under an extreme amount of stress, so we both passed it as being stress. He never complained about chest pain, but looking back, I am sure he had it…just didn’t realize where it was coming from. As I said in the Beyond the Veil, with My Michael: Part 1, Michael had severe right shoulder pain, constantly. I am sure this disguised his heart pain.

The Sunday prior to his passing, we were having Bloody Marys at a local bar and I got spinach artichoke dip too. I am not a big salt eater…but Michael was…huge. The dip didn’t seem salty enough to me, so I was going to get a shaker and Mike told me he didn’t want any…again…bells were going off in my head that something wasn’t right….just had no clue this man who looked so healthy on the outside….was so not right on the inside (besides what I was already aware of.)

The morning I last saw him, he told me he had blood work test in Janesville to get done…since he hadn’t eaten, he was going to go there. He hadn’t seen his regular physician for months…I don’t know when his appointment was…but these tests had been ordered months prior. I had a closing that day and said my goodbyes….hugged him…said I loved him. Little did I know it was going to be the last time that I saw him.


He spent the day goofing around in Janesville after the blood work, met up with a number of friends and just talked, talked on the phone with friends…generally had an easy day…just enjoying. He later went on a short bike ride with Dorian…nothing strenuous…plus he rode his exercise bike regularly. He passed shortly after Dorian left with his mom that evening.

He passed away sitting on his back porch of his farmette, sitting in his favorite chair, feet up on the picnic table….looking out at the corn fields…enjoying Mother Nature. This was our favorite spot. We would have our coffee there in the morning and our glass of wine there in the evening. He actually laid in the hammock the evening before dinner…just enjoying…relaxing.

The view from Michael's back porch....
The view from Michael’s back porch….

I found out through a Medium that 2 weeks prior to his passing he was talking to my Angels….(I am the one who taught him about the Angels…how we can invite them to help us in our lives). He was talking to my angels about how he wanted to go….that he knew his time was coming soon…and he wanted to leave his way….She said…he’s very controlling…that’s an understatement. Yes he was/is…but would never admit it! He passed away in a place he built that he dearly loved, by himself. I know he wanted to be by himself because he went so quickly, so peacefully, there would have been nothing anyone could have done to save him. It was his time to go back to God.


Things happened with him showing up the week he passed and I will get into most of that in the next installment…but remember how I said he was going to scare Dorian….

Michael was cremated, but we had a viewing of his body prior. He was in a small room at the funeral home. Dorian was in there with his mom and sister, I came in with my sister and I am not sure who else was there. It just seemed like it was Dorian, myself, and Michael. Michael was parallel to a wall and hanging on the wall was a bulletin board. Obviously the two of us were extremely upset. After I had gone to my Michael, I turned to my sister, Karen, and said I needed to get out of there. I wasn’t even at the doorway yet and the bulletin board fell down…Dorian was still in the room. The funeral director was very surprised that this happened…it had been hanging there for a long time, with no problems.

Michael has been around and working with energy ever since he passed. I will continue to share stories in the upcoming episodes.

There are several reasons why I am writing this…first I need to, second, so you realize that the veil is very close by and we can connect with our loved ones, and third, love those in your life with all of your heart, let them know, because we never know when our time is up.

Here are the first two posts:

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I invite you to share your stories about Michael….you can either send them to me to publish, or write them in the comments. He’s a POWERFUL ENERGY….just talk to him…invite him to connect with you

Much love and Many Blessings to You and Your Family…

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Beyond the Veil: With My Michael: Part 1


Many of you know that My Michael passed unexpectedly Aug 22, 2016. This is the beginning of a blog about him, about us…about how he has been contacting me Beyond the Veil….and God only knows where it will take us…

My Michael was an Old Soul….bigger than life and many extremes. He was my Lover, my Soul-Mate, my Twin Flame, I loved him with all my heart. A very strong spirit, warrior, powerful. Like I said bigger than life. He would live life hard…play hard…and work hard on the things he loved or if someone needed his help, he was right there to lend a hand….even to strangers….(At times during my writings…you will see this same strong personality come through beyond the veil….

I know Michael and I shared many lifetimes together. We had that instant connection…felt very comfortable…like old friends…and really we were. It was not always an easy relationship…but we loved each other dearly.  In my previous blog, I shared how we met…our connection..so I won’t get into that here….but this is the link: My Michael…My Soul-Mate…Our Story


After Michael passed my life went into a deep turmoil, I felt completely shattered. A lot of private time, emotions, reflecting, trying to understand why….lots of questions. Life completely changed in an instant for me.

With my deep Spiritual Connection I have reached out…trying to understand…this blog and future postings is about that journey. I invite you to share your stories about Michael….you can either send them to me to publish, or write them in the comments. He’s a POWERFUL ENERGY….just talk to him…invite him to connect with you

Michael was one that did not understand some of my Spiritual Beliefs…but he definitely supported me. He had a very formal religious upbringing. He definitely had a very strong belief in God. But like most…he had the scientific mind and wanted proof. I couldn’t share with him the Angel Lights I’d see or being touched by Spirits..or even seeing them. I wish I could. I just knew that it had been happening to me my entire life…even during the time I blocked them out…it was still happening.

But he always, always supported me. I know I could see the wheels in his head thinking…what is she doing? Why is she doing that? But he mostly kept quiet or would ask me about certain things…but always supported. He bought me my HUGE 16″ Crystal Singing Bowl, my Crystal Pyramid and other Spiritual tools…because they were cool. He understood energy to an extent, he could figure out that things felt better after the bowl and pyramid were played. He knew with the Energy Healing/Reiki that I did on him, he felt better. He also was very intuitive, could read people very well…had great insight.

With Michael’s head-on collision March 4, 2015, highway speeds, he should have passed then. He should not have survived that accident. His car flipped, was on fire, had to use the jaws of life to get him out… I know, and he knew that Archangel Michael had protected him…spared his life that day…it wasn’t his time.

Mar 4, 2015

He had immediate surgery, hospitalized for a week and then 4 more surgeries…and more to come. His body took a major beating, he was in constant pain…but he rarely shared this info. This was a man who was a cancer survivor in his mid 20’s, had a drunk driver hit him..(injuring his right shoulder), slipped on black ice (injuring his right shoulder) and the latest accident…his entire right side took a major hit…(especially his right shoulder). I know that there was more injuries/surgeries that I am not aware. For those that really knew him…they knew his entire body was covered in scars. My Michael was like a cat with nine lives but his lives ran out….

With this latest car accident, he kept asking why his life was spared…he wanted to know why with all that he went through that he didn’t cross over and come back and have a major awakening or why none of his senses were amplified…he wanted something more…All the things you hear about when some people have a major incident/accident in their life. He was open to it…but besides having a badly beaten up body…his nothing else had changed. He couldn’t understand what his purpose was…why was he still alive? What was he supposed to be doing? How was he to help others?

But he was still questioning why was his life spared. Well all of that changed when he actually did pass on Aug 22, 2016….537 days after his accident….10 days shy of 1.5 years. As much as I miss him, in my grief, I know that he gave me another 537 days to enjoy our life together, to love each other. I feel very blessed that he didn’t pass when he had the accident and I was given a little more time to love this beautiful soul. I also know, deep down in my heart that it was his time…his body had taken such a beating with the accident, he was in so much pain and more surgeries to go, the stress of the accident took a big toll on his body and it was his time. His time to go back to the other side…to be with God, our Father, to be with Jesus on the other side…and to watch over us.

Higher Beings

A lot has happened in these days, months that he has been gone. A lot of crazy, out of this world….mind blowing…things have happened. One of the things that I have learned from all of this is he isn’t like normal people who pass…there is something special about him…”There is is more to him than just a normal deceased person…this has come from several mediums, that he just shouldn’t be able to do the things he does…(a Medium is a person who channels/works with the deceased). I’ve been contacted by many Mediums since Michael has passed. He is extremely insistent on getting messages to me. They tell me he shouldn’t be doing this…he’s a newbie…he is just learning how things are on the other side…but he is doing these things….it’s him…it’s all him.

One of the things that I have learned with his passing, with his connections of coming thru…the two of us will become some kind of Team. A Team that helps others know about the other side…how to access it…how to be in contact with the people who passed in your life. How to work with the Angels and your Spirit Guides. I am not sure how all of this will happen…but I know in my heart that it will…one step at a time for me. This is what Michael was searching for but instead of being on earth…he will be on the other side…across the veil…I will be here on Earth…so he can teach me the Magic of our World.

Here is an example of how he connects with me. This is nightly at my house…different locations in it…but nightly. Many thought that the Orbs couldn’t all be him…but it is…he is playing with the energy…like skipping stones here on earth. He loved to play and have a good time…and remember…I said Bigger Than Life. Others have also thought it wouldn’t continue after Halloween, when the veil is at it’s thinnest…this was November 9th, 2016

My previous post about Michael:

My Michael…My Soul-Mate…Our Story

I invite you to share your stories about Michael….you can either send them to me to publish, or write them in the comments. He’s a POWERFUL ENERGY….just talk to him…invite him to connect with you

Much love and Many Blessings to You and Your Family…

Heidi Kelley
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