michaelveilMichael was a strong, powerful, passionate man who passed much too soon. He was 56 years old when he passed away Aug 22, 2016 from a Massive Heart Attack. This blog is about my life with him on earth and after he crossed over, Beyond the Veil.

Michael was a strong force on earth, and now he is  a strong force/energy on the other side. He has come to people that he never met, some I never met, just to get messages to me. I am  sharing these experiences with you.

If you have had experiences with Michael Beyond the Veil….I invite you to share your stories about Michael….you can either send them to me to publish, or write them in the comments. He’s a POWERFUL ENERGY….just talk to him…invite him to connect with you

With the thinning of the veil, we have much more of a connection with our loved one’s that have crossed over than ever before. With what I am sharing with you, you can learn to connect with your loved one’s that has passed on too.

Much love and Many Blessings to Each of you.

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6 thoughts on “Michael

  1. Love, love, love seeing your post!! Was Michael able to connect with others that had passed before him when he was here? Just wondering why you think he is able to give you such awesome visits!


    1. Thank you Judy for the feedback and question. The answer to your question is No. There is more about this in the first post after he died….but I will share a little bit more. He was curious and open about the other side, about my own gifts and wanted it for himself, especially after his car accident. But he had the scientific mind and wanted proof. As I stated he was a BIG presence here on the Earth plane…and it definitely that way on the other-side. I’ve been asked about his past lives, but I don’t know. He is doing things that most who past don’t do. I’ve been told to look into my past lives with him….because he was some kind of powerful force here in a previous life.
      He also knows how I am, that I am extremely open to signs that most miss. I am going to add a page to the website About Me….
      Thanks again for the support. Much love to you….Heidi Kelley


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